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two houses by Angelo Bucci

Angelo Bucci intended to name the catalogue two houses, a truly understated definition of dwellings that inhabit the air so freely. Ubatuba and Weekend House instead question the many principles of house, of dwelling. They dissipate habitat in a careful blend of outdoor:indoor, scatter semi-loci about their urban sites,    s p a c e  k i c k against massing, accumulation and core. They celebrate a quaint absence of centrality, perform a shy diffusion of walls, and promote environmental threshold planes around which stairs, corridors, jetties and bridges reveal the open and the seemingly transitory – where plants, air, sun, shade, rain, waters and winds accentuate the movements and rhythms of time passing. And within this potential roam the trajectories of lives, vitality engaged in the coming and going, discovery and rediscovery, everydayness and change. Here lies an intuitive notion of nomadism in the air, inside the outside.


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